4C Strategies New Service Desk Tool - a presentation and short guide for Exonaut users
We are pleased to announce that we will launch a new Service Desk Tool, SDT, for all Exonaut users. This tool will replace both the current support portal and the 4C support mail.

The SDT will be launched Friday 26th February 2016 12.00 CET to 18.00 CET, if you experience any problem this afternoon please use the mail: support@4cstrategies.com

As a user of our new SDT you will be able to monitor all your requests in one place – “My requests” and you will be able to receive email notifications when a request is assigned to a 4C support agent and the status of the request is updated.

All users of our current Support Portal, including admin accounts, will be registered as users in the new tool when it is launched. Your user credentials, both username and password, as well as the login URL https://support.exonaut.com will remain the same.

As the tool will replace the support-mailbox, we will accept requests coming into the mailbox in a transition period up to June 30, 2016, All incoming requests will be transferred to the new SDT, and can be tracked in the “my request” section.

Phone support, for Customers with SSA/SLAs including this service, is offcourse available as always, with the additional benefit of being able to easily track status of requests.

Should you have any problems getting access to the new SDT, please send a mail to support@4cstrategies.com and we will respond promptly.

Below follows a guide on how to log-in and access information in the new SDT.

All the best from your Exonaut Support Team

When you access the tool for the first time, you will need to:
  1. Set language to English
  2. Select your time zone
  3. Optional - If you like, you can select an avatar – please take a picture and save in .png format or select one of the standard ones or keep the pre-selected
When it is time to login it will look like this

Please use the same credentials used when logging into 4C Support Portal

You will now come to

From the welcome page, users can either select the Exonaut Service Desk or contact the Crisis Response team.
Click the link – Exonaut Servicedesk.
Here users can chose between several different types of support request required, just click the correct link and fill in the form

Before submitting a request for support, please write your question or keywords in the “Find a solution” field and you will automatically see suggested answers related your support question.

On the start page you will see links to the following requests.
  • File a support request
  • Create a change request
  • Request a new account
  • Installation media Request, Upgrade request available if you are an installed base customer, please add a comment if you like 4C to support you with the upgrade.
To check on the status of your requests, you just need to go to the “My requests” link in the upper right corner

Here you can see all your requests in one single view.

If you want to add a comment or file, just open your request in the list and click the appropriate button.

Good luck and please don’t hesitate to reach out to support@4cstrategies.com if you encounter any problems during the initial transition phase!
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